About us

The Brand

WOOF WOOF was founded with one purpose: to give a fashion touch in dog accessories. We design and create all of our products trying to combine utility and coolness.

After all, at WOOF WOOF, every single collar/leash/bandana is "handcrafted by humans to serve dog needs".

Our Story

I am Alex and it all started during the winter of 2018, in a small apartment in Thessaloniki, Greece. While working as a store manager in the fashion industry, I noticed that I couldn’t find style accessories for my little Chelsea* which matched human clothes’ style and value.

One thing led to another and I decided to make a career change and start creating the most stylish handmade dog bandanas, collars, and leashes. Now, WOOF WOOF can be found in concept stores all over Greece and in pet boutiques in Germany, Austria, Cyprus, and Malaysia.

All of our products are handcrafted while using eco-friendly materials, without compromising the final product style, durability, and utility. Of course, our customers are mainly your dogs, so this is the first and last thing on our minds when creating every single product. Nevertheless we have already expanded our inventory by creating products for cats and humans too!

* Meet Chelsea

Chelsea is a mixed breed dog. She was born and raised on the streets of Peloponnese, Greece and I adopted her when she was 4 months old. She still remains the crazy puppy I met back then. She is my right-hand dog.

What's next?

Buckle up. Our future plans contain creating more dog accessories, cat products (yes we love cats too :-P) and why not... more human little things too! Stay tuned.

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